Diary of a Wannabe Housewife

Zucchini Tomato Tart

Being home on maternity leave meant I was home to watch the Today Show everyday. One of the best things I saw, was this Zucchini tomato tart.  I love Martha Stewart, and was very excited to make this as an easy, but healthy dinner, but I was a new mom so while this looked amazing, I knew there were going to have to be some shortcuts made. Like the dough;.. Read More

Easy Apple Pie Cake

Rumor has it, it’s fall. I wouldn’t know because we live in South Florida and my car said it was 89 when I went to run an errand at 10:30 this morning. Nevertheless, when it comes to fall, I am almost as basic as you can get, except for one thing…PUMPKIN SPICE. I loathe all things pumpkin. For me, apple is where it’s at. I remember heading to the pumpkin.. Read More

Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal

So our little person is here, and it’s a BOY! Yeti and I were so excited when we finally got to meet our little mystery baby. I had no idea what was in store in becoming a Mom, but the past seven weeks have been the best of my life. Since we didn’t know what we were having, we put together a gender neutral nursery. Now that the little Yeti.. Read More

EatDrinkCraftyGifts on Etsy

Well it’s been an interesting two months since my last post. Since then I have been working hard with our newborn son, and on another baby of mine. Please meet, EatDrinkCraftyGifts on Etsy! By no means does the store look great yet, but for a while I have been asked to make signs and wreaths for friends and family and decided to extend the network I craft for. I know.. Read More

Some Like It Hot Potatoes

Today’s prompt for the July Instagram Challenge through Helene In Between is Some Like It Hot. I am officially 9 months pregnant and it’s summer in Florida. I have been nothing but hot for months now. So rather than dwell on how miserable I am with this prompt, I thought I would share our amazing Hot Potatoes recipe. The first time I made these potatoes was during a breakfast for.. Read More

DIY Heirloom Cookbook

On one of our very early dates, Yeti and I had a conversation about a mutual desire to put together a cookbook of recipes and hand that down to future generations. I told him about how my mom had notecards with my grandmother and even great grandmother’s handwriting for family recipes and how I treasure those cards, and hope to one day have my own collection to pass along to.. Read More

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

I love fresh herbs. I am constantly buying them, and put them in everything…food, drinks, sandwiches. This past Christmas, Yeti came across an adorable DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden set from Makers Kit. It was a great deal, and he thought about buying it and giving it to a co-worker as a gift, but once I saw it, I wasn’t letting this thing go. Baby G took a lot of.. Read More

20 Minute Biscuit Donuts

I love donuts, and today is apparently National Donut Day. If you head over to your local Dunkin’ Donuts you can get a free munchkin with the purchase of a beverage. Now maybe it is my unhealthy addiction to sugar, or the unbelievable sugar cravings I have been having all pregnancy, but ONE MUNCHKIN? Who is that going to satisfy? Not me…or Yeti. So this week I pulled out an.. Read More

Gender Neutral Baby Shower

In just 11 weeks our baby will be here (hopefully). I can’t believe I am now in my 3rd Trimester, and this weekend my sister and mom threw Baby G and I an incredible baby shower! I am not much of a shower person, and chose not to have one when Yeti and I got married, but a baby shower seemed a little more fun. My rules were, no games.. Read More

Pickled String Beans

I love pickles. I mean really love pickles, and I come from a long line of pickle lovers. One of my favorite books growing up was called Pickle Things and my sister and I once enrolled my dad in a Pickle of the Month club. So…yeah. While in Savannah, at the Farmers Market, Yeti and I purchased some pickled okra from Foods of the Farm, which was pretty much a.. Read More